Can You Defeat Dracula?

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Dracula has lived and learned through centuries that you have only read about. He possesses the strength of 20 men. He can make himself invisible, slip through tiny crevices, control the weather and animals, mind read and hypnotize.

He's after you and your friends, and it's up to you to discover Dracula's weaknesses and thwart his plans before he makes you his dinner. Do you have what it takes to defeat Dracula? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Amber Mahaffey of The Book Club Book
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3. If you find that your client has imprisoned you in his creepy castle, you:
Demand an explanation
Try to escape
Wait and see what happens
Bribe a gypsy to get help
4. If your sick patient is losing blood during the night, you:
Give her blood transfusions every morning
Stay up with her all night with no exceptions
Consult with experts of the occult
Help her die
5. If your husband has gone crazy and remembers nothing, you:
Try to avoid the subject for fear of relapse
Read his diary
Ask a stranger for help
Force him to talk about it to trigger his memory
6. A blood-sucking monster is terrorizing your friends, you:
Tell them what you know
Hint that you know something
Assume that you're crazy and blow it off
Fight the monster yourself
7. You're a psychiatrist and your favorite patient is eating flies and spiders, you:
Assume that he's crazy, so there's nothing wrong
Ask him about his motives
Spy on him
Keep a diary of his movements
8. You're afraid that your friend Mina might suffer by becoming too involved with your battle with Dracula, so you:
Make her entertain herself alone while you strategize
Have someone keep an eye on her
Give her a sedative to make her sleep
Figure she'll get over it and keep her in the loop
9. You find 49 out of 50 of Dracula's coffins, you:
Figure that's good enough and start destroying them
Wait until you've found them all before you do anything
Do nothing at all
Visit those 49 boxes everyday. He's sure to end up in one of them sometime!
10. Your friend is turning into a vampire, you:
Kill her
Use her powers to track Dracula
Tell her nothing. She is in cahoots with the enemy.
Assume she's fine as long as she's alive
11. You're in the woods surrounded by vampire women, you:
Start shooting
Make a circle around yourself of crushed sacramental bread
Start praying
12. The gypsies won't let you get to Dracula's coffin, and it's almost sunset, you:
Fight your way through them and risk injury
Follow your friend as he fights his way through them
Try to reason with them
Avoid the fight and wait for a better opportunity

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