Black Death Quiz

WARNING: DON'T WORRY, YOU'LL DO FINE. Do you have knowledge about the Black Death? Well, lets put those skills to the test today. Are you confident? This will be very tough. Even if you take this seriously you WILL fail.

I'm not certain that you will pass. Passing is a 61% or higher. Are you SURE that you will pass? I don't think you will. You will be very upset with your grade. DO NOT FEEL BAD.

Created by: Bob of this site
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  1. Where was the Black Death first recorded?
  2. How many people died as a result of the Plague?
  3. Name an area that became plague-infested in 1347
  4. Name one symptom of the Black Death
  5. What year did the plague reach Italy?
  6. What was the color transformation of the buboes
  7. What were buboes?
  8. Name one effect the Black Death had on medieval society
  9. What years did the Black Death exist in?
  10. Name the way the society got rid of the Black Death

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