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There are many great smart people in the world but when you take this test you will be that little bit smarter if you get 100% well good on you your a smart thing

If you scored high well done probably only 39% of you will get 10 out of 10 but I could be wrong there are some smart people in this world so well done

Created by: Chloe of Don't have one
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  1. Which area of NZ is suffering from flooding recently ??
  2. What is a whio ??
  3. 1+1= ??
  4. Who is the author of Awful Aunty
  5. 10 + 345= ??
  6. How many hours are in a 4 days ??
  7. What is the 2017 NZ population??
  8. Takia Waititi directed what NZ film ??
  9. Where is French spoken ??
  10. What type of drink is sprite

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