Baseball Terminology Quiz 2

This being the second installment of our team quiz, we hope you enjoy it as much as the first. We enjoy making these quizes for you just as much as you enjoy taking them I'm sure.

Hopefully you will know most of the terminology, but if not, I'm sure some of your teammates do, so don't hesitate to ask if you hear something and you do not understand what it means! Remember, anyone can take this quiz so tell your friends. Same as last time, feel free to ignore the first two personal questions. We did not add these, they were computer generated. Thanks.

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1. What is a Can Of Corn?
A lazy fly ball that should be caught.
Second Base.
Pitcher's Rubber.
2. What does "Ducks on the Pond" refer to?
A homerun with the bases loaded.
2 or 3 runners on base.
Nobody on base.
4 umpires.
3. When someone says "Blue", they are refering to _________.
The last place team.
The Umpire.
The Pitcher.
The Batter.
4. Define a Grand Slam:
A homerun.
4 basehits.
A homerun with the bases loaded.
Where the spectators sit.
5. What is a roundtripper?
Road trip.
Relay from outfield.
Triple play.
6. What is a bullpen?
The seat at the end of the bench.
Playing the outfield.
Where the pitchers warm up during the game.
Where Little Yellow Jacket hangs out.
7. What is a 'Texas Leaguer'?
Someone who plays in the Texas League.
A lofting hit just over the infield.
Where the Texas Rangers Play.
Someone in Class A Minor League Ball.
8. If you are batting clean-up, where in the order are you?
9. A 'Twin Killing' is: ______________.
When someone drives in two runs.
When you play two games the same day.
A double play.
Playing the Twins twice.
10. What is a beanball?
The smartest player on the team.
A well used baseball.
When a batter is hit in the head by a pitched ball.
A sockhop for beans.
11. A 'twinbill' is: ______________.
A double billed duck.
A double play.
Two games the same day.
Two sets of twins.
12. When someone refers the 'The Cycle' they are most likely talking about: __________________.
How you get to the game.
The good, bad, and ugly.
Getting a single, double, triple, and homerun all in the same game.
Batting through the line-up.
13. A 'K' is: _________________.
The scorekeeper.
The Umpire.
14. The Mendoza line is which of the following:
The first base line.
The third base line.
A .215 batting average.
The coach of the Seattle Mariners.
15. The term 'Shag' refers to which of the following:
Long air.
To chase down and catch flyballs in practice.
A pickle.
A hat.
16. When a player mentions the 'Slab', they are refering to the:
The Pitching Rubber.
Dugout Bench.
Second Base.

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