Are you sure you knoww House M.D?

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Around the world, lots of people watch "House". But, do you? Do you watch "House" every day? Do you know every detail by heart? If "Yes", check your knowledge!

So, what do you know? If you think you can surpass me, check my knowledge out! And, if you fail, don't worry - mistakes are the only way to learn, you know!

Created by: Lefteris

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  1. "Don't blame me, blame...
  2. "Humanity is...
  3. House has taken ... instead of Vicodin.
  4. House is...
  5. House goes to a rehab center because he has been hallucinating ...
  6. What is Lucas' profession?
  7. House eats
  8. House's 3rd season "teenage stalker" is...
  9. "... or not ..."
  10. Chase killed president...

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