Are you ready to have a baby?

Planning to have a baby is a BIG deal. You and your life will change dramatically when your baby arrives. It is almost impossible to predict who will be ok and who will be overwhelmed... but I think this test could help!

You are thinking about having a baby... but are not quite sure whether you are up for it? Not sure if your life or situation is suitable? Take this test to find out if you are ready to have a baby!

Created by: jessica
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you have a job?
Yes, I LOVE what I do, I want to get to the top quick.
Yes, I enjoy my work, I would never pull a "sickie"
Yes, I like my work, it pays the bills
Yes, I work but it is not what I want to do
Yes, but I am going to quit
4. Do you have a good social life?
It's amazing, out at least every other night, often drunk!
Its brilliant, out about 3-4 times a week, Have a drunken friday night!
Its pretty good, I see friends quite a bit and occasionally drink.
Its not bad, I see friends when I can and have a drink now and then if at all.
Not much, wish I had more.
None, I have not settled in and made friends yet.
5. What about you and your partner?
We have been together a long time/ are married.
We have been together over 2 years and are living together.
We have been together for a while and are planning to move in together.
We have been together for a few months, it's a stable relationship.
We have been off and on for quite a while
I don't have one
6. What about your relationship with your partner?
We are loving and supportive in all ways, hardly ever argue!
We are really comfortable with each other, like best friends.
We are very passionate and in love.
We are in love but we do argue a lot sometime over important issues.
Our relationship is a bit strained at the moment.
I have not got one
7. Are you close to your family/ your partners family?
Extremely, they live close by and hardly a days goes by without some form of communication. They're really supportive
I am very close to my family, although they don't live close by they are in close contact.
I am close to my family although I do not get on with all of the members, the ones I do are supportive.
I try to get on with my family but they live so far away I hardly ever see them.
I am not close to my family, I have fallen out with them.
I do not have a family
8. How do you feel about your life at the moment?
I am extremely happy, I bounce out of bed every morning!
I am very happy with my life, its going in the right direction
I am contented with my life, there are something I want to improve but it's on the right track
I am not sure how I feel about my life at the moment, there is a lot going on.
I do not like my life at the moment. There is a lot of stress in my life
My life is very unsettled at the moment, I think it is going in the wrong direction and I want to change this.
9. How is your finacial situation?
I have a large house, with money to spare
I have a house and are trying to sort out some savings
I am planning on buying a house, I keep within budget mostly
I rent, I am fairly good with money
I have some problems with managing not to spend more than I earn
I have debts which I am trying to pay off
10. What is your house/flat like?
Traditional, with a garden on a quiet street
Traditional, with a back yard in the city
Large flat with communal garden/ yard
Small 2 bedroomed flat but in a good area
Flat in a mixed area
Flat in a rough area
11. What are you like with children?
Brilliant with all ages, I'm very confident with them.
Good, I always seem to get on with them
Ok, I get on with relatives children, get anoyed by naughty/ spoilt children
Not bad, I like some, hate others
I have not had much experience with kids
I hate kids!
12. How much do you want a child?
Loads, 100%
Badly, about 80%
A lot 70%
Would not mind, 50%
Really not sure at the moment 30%
Not at all 0%
13. How healthy are you?
Very, I exercise a lot and take supplements
I am in good health, I do a bit of exercise and am careful with my diet
Not bad, I don't exercise but I am careful with my diet
I'm not very health consious but I have no health problems
I am not very healthy, I am obese/ have poor diabetes control
I have multiple health problems currently
14. Do you smoke?
No, never
No, used to recently but gave up
Yes but am quitting
Yes, am trying to cut down
Yes, but not many
Yes, heavy
15. Do others think you would make a good parent?
Yes, everyone says that.
Yes, my relatives especially think I would make a good parent.
Yes, though I am not sure they meant it
Only my partner has said that
No one has said that to me
People say I would be a bad parent
16. Are you good at coping?
Give me any situation and I will be fine
I have been told I am, I don't fluster easily
I am not bad, as long as I can stay in control
I sometimes find it difficult to cope with certain situations
I often have difficulty coping
I don't think I am coping well at all at the moment

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