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Parenting is a tough job that not everyone can do. It requires patience and tolerance, problem solving, knowing how to react, and so much more. A childs needs are nearly unobtainable, but someone's got to do it right?

Find out if you'd be a good parent. Do you know how to handle kids? How do your kids think about you? And if you don't have kids, will you be able to take care of them in the future or should you think twice? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Yasmin Kawsara
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4. Your 4-year-old daughter is throwing a fit because you wont let her have 3 bags of chips at the grocery store. You've given her the option of either 1 bag, or we can go empty-handed. She is yelling and stomping by the cash register. What do you do next?
Get a tight grip on her wrist and drag her out of the store while she screams her little heart out and all the other shoppers stand idly by with terrified looks on their faces.
Buy her the 3 bags of chips, then on the way home explain to her that what she did was wrong and temporarily confiscate the chips until she apologizes or until you feel that she has understood what she did wrong.
Buy the chips and give her positive feedback. She's just a little girl, let her have what she wants.
Whisper to her that you hate her and are very, very mad and that if she doesn't get up right now, she's going to get it when we get home.
5. It's a Saturday and you're going out with your little boy. You watch from a bench as he runs up and down the slide and plays with his friends. Then you watch him walk up to a man sitting on the bench across from you.
Run after him and give your son a re-run of the "Don't talk to strangers" lecture.
Watch cautiously and wait until your son has stopped talking to him and continues playing. There are many people around. He wouldn't do anything right?
Walk casually up to your son and ask him a question or divert his attention (tell him that you are going to take him out for icecream or challenge him to go on the big slide, etc.) so that he would walk away from the stranger and sit down and talk to him about the safety rules that come into play whenever we go out.
Walk up to him quickly and hold him by the ear as you drag him away, then yell at him, take him home, and promise never to take him anywhere ever again because he is stupid and he never listens.
6. You and your spouse are going out tonight and your son, Alex, is going to stay home with Bella, his babysitter. You and Alex go over the house rules and you leave. You come home a few hours later and find that since you left, Alex has not been co-operating and refuses to take part in any of the activities Bella has planned for him (even though you know he loves those games). Bella has reported that he continuously repeats the phrases "You're not my mom," and "I don't have to listen to you." What do you do?
Dismiss Bella and start looking for a new babysitter. It's absurd for her to be making such complaints of a child his age! He is only a little boy! What was she thinking?
Before sending Bella home for the night, you talk it out with Alex and make sure he understands the problem, then have him apologize to Bella, promise not to misbehave like that again, and give her a hug before she leaves.
Send Bella home for the night with some extra pay and forget this ever happened. He'll grow out of it.
Sincerely apologize to Bella and tell her that you'll "take care of the situation." After she leaves, drag Alex to his room by his collar, hit him a few times, then let him cry himself to sleep while you yell at him from downstairs.
7. You've been trying to potty-train your son for months, but he still wets his bed. How do you react?
Threaten to beat him up every time he wets himself. He'll get the message and try harder not to have any more accidents this way.
Start a reward system with him. Reward him for every day that he doesn't have accidents. This way he'll be encouraged to use the potty more often.
Drown in a state of depression. Yell in the streets that your child is the devil's incarnation and he's going to kill you.
Try to use reverse psychology on him. Say things like "only little babies wear diapers." or "big boys don't have accidents."
8. It's dinner time and your daughter won't eat. She was eating chips just moments before and you've taken them away from her because it was time to eat dinner. She says she doesn't want vegetables, she just wants her chips back. What do you do?
Pick her up and drop her on her bed. Lock the door and leave her in her room without dinner for the night. Then go back downstairs and eat your dinner peacefully while in the distance, your daughter is screaming and banging on the door.
Tease her about her muscles and tell her that the only way that she'll ever be strong is to eat her vegetables. Then race her saying that you want to eat them so YOU can be stronger and let her beat you to them.
Ignore her and don't give her any attention. It's happened before, if you don't give in to her, she'll eventually give up and realize that she is hungry and will join you at the dinner table.
Negotiate with her. Tell her she can have this many chips if she eats this many vegetables.
9. Its a Thursday. Your spouse is away and you have an essay due Friday that you need to finish. Last time you checked up on your daughter she was sitting at the dining room table colouring in her new Barbie coulouring book. You've only been away from her for 30 minutes at a time. While you were working, you heard a loud crash like glass shattering. You run down the stairs and find your daughter standing in the middle of the room nervously with her hands in her pockets. When you ask her what happened, she refused to say a word. You hunt around the house and can find no sign of anything missing or out of place, and surely no broken glass. What do you do?
Wait until your spouse comes home and then explain the situation. Then call her over and talk to her as if you already know what happened. "Did you break it or did it fall?" "Why didn't you tell me?" "Can you show me where you were standing when it happened?" (and from that you will find out where it is and what broke.
Sit down on the ground and cry like your life is over and you're going to hell.
Threaten to beat her if she doesn't tell you what happened right now!
Calmly explain to your daughter that you are not upset, and the importance of her telling you what happened (Now I know something broke, but I don't know where it is so I can't clean the mess. Do you want Mommy/Daddy to come home later and accidentally step on the glass? That would really hurt right? etc.)
10. Your best friend is a Kindergarten teacher. She asks you to come in and help her out one day and you've agreed. She tells you to watch the class as she goes out to pick up some things for the kids. While she is gone, one child comes up to you and tells you every little thing that everyone else is doing. How will you deal with it?
Explain to him the difference between telling and tattling; "Telling is what you do when someone needs to be told. If someone is being hurt, or made fun of, or having something taken away from them, that is when you are supposed to tell, but tattling is different. Tattling is when you tell on someone for no reason. Like, if Joshua was eating his lunch at snack time, and you came and told me, that would be tattling because it doesn't matter if he eats his lunch now. He is not hurting anyone and no one else is being affected. Do you understand now?"
"Michael, if you tell on someone again today, you're going to have to sit in the red chair by yourself and you can't play anymore games."
Run around the classroom like a four-year-old with your hands over your ears yelling "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!! LA LA LA!!"
11. You and your daughter have just left the corner store and you surprise her with a candy bar you bought for her. You expect her to get excited, but she doesn't. She pulls 2 chocolate bars out from her pocket and says that she already has some. When you ask her where she got it, she answers "The store has alot of them." You now know she stole them. How do you react?
Talk to her about how stealing is a bad thing to do and that thieves go to jail and make her feel bad about it. Then have her go back into the store, apologize to the man beind the register and give the chocolate bars back. Reward her afterwards for being honest and doing the right thing.
Take the chocolate bars from her and yell at her for embarassing you like that. Then while she is crying, pick her up and buckle her into her car seat. Call her names and cuss at her on the way home.
Tell her that it was stupid of her to do so and then leave a 5 dollar bill in the window of the store. Then go home.
Try to cover it up and to not make a scene of it so that you are not faced with the embarassment of a daughter who steals chocolate bars.
12. You took your son to the park today and saw him snatch one of his toys from the hands of a younger child. You know him well enough and you know he's not much for sharing. You see the other boy pick up a different toy and he is not upset. How will you deal with your son?
Later, walk past him while eating his favourite kind of candy and emphasize how good it is. Then, when he asks for some tell him no and explain to him that you don't like to share. He will bring up the fact that sharing is a good thing to do, and then you make your point. "But you didn't share at the park... did you?" Then you can come to an understanding.
Take all his toys away from him and give them away to the other children at the park. Tease him and laugh at him because he has nothing, and then ask him if he would like you to share your toys with him.
Ignore it, he'll be fine and the other kids okay too
13. Today, after school, you went to your child's school to pick him up. You showed up a bit early, so you are just watching the class as they are packing up their things and getting ready to go home. On the side, you can see your son and two of his friends playing with one of the class toys, a green dinosaur, and then you see that your son has pushed one of the other boys to the ground and took the toy from him. What would you do?
Hold him by the ear and yell at him until you reach the car.
Ask him why he did it, and explain that there is no good reason to hit anyone. Then make him apologize.
Make him apologize and tell him that he is grounded and he cannot play any of his games for a week.
Hit your head against the wall and cry because the world is ending.
14. It's nearly 9:30 at night. You tell your son to brush his teeth and get ready for bed. He cries and begs for more time, then says "It's not fair! I'm not tired! And how come you don't have to go to sleep???"
Answer him with "Because...I'M BIG & YOU'RE SMALL."
Agree to start going to sleep at 9:30 every day.
Explain to him that you're already grown up, so you don't need as much sleep as he does and that he needs sleep so he can grow.
Scold him for even asking such a thing.
15. You and your son are having a good day. No problems so far. And suddenly, he has a mood swing and feels like not listening to you. He ignores everything you say and denies anything that is deniable and says "I don't have to do anything for you" whenever you tell him to do something. What do you do?
Give him the silent treatment and isolate him.
Do the same thing right back to him.
Send him (forcibly if necessary) to his room and tell him that he cannot come out until he is sorry.
Start wrecking the house and throwing things because life is not worth living anymore.

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