Are You More NIki Or Gabi??

There are a lot of twins on Youtube. But I really like this set of twins. They are opposites which make their channel very unique, and it/s what makes it fun!

They are Niki and Gabi! This Quiz is too check if you/re more Niki or Gabi!! Please No Hate. Enjoy the quiz!! Follow me on my social medias: Insta: @_ryxp Snapchat: ryzah.luvsme _ilyryz

Created by: Ryzah

  1. What Starbucks drink do you order??
  2. What Colour Is Your Room?
  3. What Activity Do You Do With Your Friends In YOUR Spare Time??
  4. What's Your Fave Food??
  5. What Show Would You Rather Watch?
  6. What Type Of Guy Do You Like??
  7. Who Is Your Celeb Bestie
  8. Which Kardashion/Jenner Do You Prefer??
  9. What Do You Prefer??
  10. Which One Do You Use More?

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Quiz topic: Am I More NIki Or Gabi??