Are You Marriage Material?

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mugz said:
May 13 '16, 2:11PM

I like d quiz n result.. I Knew I won't score much's 52%.. N I agree wid d result DAT I have some maturity bt I am not yet fully ready for marriage.. So I should wait n see where life takes me.. The answer I got was straight from my heart.. Which I totally agree.. DAT I m not yet fully mentally prepared to take d responsibility..gre at accurate

Sueforu said:
Oct 13 '14, 1:22AM

Wow I got 84%! Awesome! I knew I wasn't a bad apple! Thanks for letting me know! It was always the other person's fault haha! ;-)

harpusrox7 said:
Jun 8 '11, 11:35PM

100%. thats weird. i was expecting a lower score. Great quiz:)

VampirexTabitha said:
Nov 27 '10, 2:29AM

28% I knew I'd score low! lol great quiz.

brooklynn818 said:
Oct 25 '10, 12:08PM

Marriage Material 84%

You are decently ready for marriage. Maybe there are things you should do before you take someone else's hand in marriage, though. But if you want to, I think you'll do fine. ;)

ITS SO AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mbujypooh said:
Oct 8 '10, 10:28AM

52%, i knew it! Though i expected less. This quiz is cool bananaz!!!

lilfreakgryl said:
Oct 3 '10, 4:21AM

68% so true!

Mikelover111 said:
Sep 30 '10, 9:05AM

I liked this quiz. Even though I am only like 14 I still LOVE taking these kind of quizzes

tomboykaitie said:
Sep 29 '10, 9:10PM

Hope you enjoyed mah quiz! Now go find your hubby/shawty! (:^D)

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