Are you fugly? (only if you are lucky)

Some people are funny looking and some people are ugly. Some people are both. Are you fugly? Take this quiz and find out. Maybe you are lucky. Good luck.

Are you fugly? Some people are. Some people think this is an insult. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. Good luck. Please take this quiz to find out. Good luck.

Created by: Serge

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  1. Are you funny looking?
  2. Are you ugly?
  3. Do you look like Steve Buscemi?
  4. Do people tell you to put a paper bag on your head and cut out eye holes?
  5. Do people hate you?
  6. Are you a lunatic?
  7. Are you better looking than Jennifer Lawrence?
  8. Do people think you are a model?
  9. Are you fat?
  10. Do you have freckles?

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Quiz topic: Am I fugly? (only if you are lucky)