Are you cute or attractive

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I am trying to show how cute you are but you really should not are about anybody opinions but yours because only your opinion matters not no quiz matter or someone else.

this is suppose to mean that you are beautiful in your own way and don't ever care what quiz will tell you or a stranger will tell you or a friend will tell you but if a friend does call you that just say you don't want to be friend any more.

Created by: amatallah of cute
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  1. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend
  2. does any body look at you sexually
  3. do people laugh at you
  4. did you ever get dumped or regected
  5. did anybody ever call you cute
  6. do people call you a nerd
  7. are you a jock
  8. did anybody ever call you ugly
  9. do you think you are ugly
  10. did you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I cute or attractive