Are you cool enough to be popular ages 10-13

You can find out if you would be popular in school and there is results the see if your good enough i have been through times i wasn't popular in school

I don't know why i made this though so i just thought I'm going to make this because I'm am really popular and little kids are inspired by me so i have the experience

Created by: Daniel

  1. Do you have dyed hair?
  2. Are you funny?
  3. Are you gay???? Sorry
  4. Do you have a cute sibling?
  5. Do you have a lot of friends???
  6. Do you inspire little kids?????
  7. Do you know why i made this???
  8. Do you have a Gf/Bf Girlfriend/Boyfriend????
  9. Do you think your cool???
  10. Who do you like better???

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Quiz topic: Am I cool enough to be popular ages 10-13