Are you an Old School Biker

There is a diverse community in the motorcycle world today. There are as many different people riding now as their are makes of motorcycles. Finding your place in this world is hard enough as it is. So here's a chance to better see where you fit.

Are you a true hard core rider or a part of the new breed that ride because it is the cool thing to do now? Do you Live to Ride and Ride to Live as long as it isn't over 50 miles.

Created by: The Geek
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What type of motorcycle do you prefer
A Brand new Harley
A Brand new Honda or other metric bike
A Panhead
A Custom built chopper
A 60's style custom built chopper
Anything before EVO
4. What type of motorcycle organization are you affiliated with. Pick the one that best describes your current status.
A riding club
A Biker rights group
A 3 piece independent patch club
A 1% er Club
No club affiliation
5. How many miles is a good Poker Run
6. How do you get your bike to bike week
I trailer it if it is a long way
I trailer because I take my kids
I ride it if it's in the same state
I ride it no matter how far it is
I trailer it because it breaks down alot
7. Where can you be found drinking coffee the most?
Another trendy coffee shop
Doughnut shop
truck stop
greasy spoon cafe
kitchen after party the night before
8. You are riding down the road and your gear shifter comes off and you didn't realize what that sound was six miles back on the interstate. What do you do.
Pull over and use your cell phone to call for a trailer.
Pull over and clamp on vice grips you keep with you
Mine wouldn't fall off because I always have the newest bike out.
None of the above
9. What is a 1%er
I have no idea
A gang member
A biker who lives by his own rules and is loyal to his brothers
You are one
10. True or False - The choice to wear a helmet should be left up to the biker, not the states.
11. If you want to start your own Motorcycle Club and wear a 3 piece back patch what should you do before proceeding.
Nothing, just do it
Make sure the patches are weather resistant
Have as many people as you can find willing to just buy the patch
Consult your attorney to be sure it is legal in your area
Consult your existing local clubs for their approval
Male sure everyone puts the patch on a nice leather vest.
12. If you prefer electric start to kick start it is because -
you shouldn't have to kick start one any more
Your leg is messed up from all the years of kick starting
kick starting is too much trouble
who the heck needs a sissy switch
13. What kind of bar do you prefer
A dance club
A karaoke bar
A trendy nice biker bar with neon lighting
An old biker bar out in the middle of nowhere
Don't do bars
14. Finish this song. I was drunk the day my mamma got out of prison and I went to pick her up in the rain, but before I could get to the station in my pick up truck _________________
She got hit by a dang old bus
She got shot by a man from Spain
I got a flat and change it in the rain
my Harley fell off the back
She got run over by the damned old train
15. Who was David Mann best know for being.
A country singer
An artist
A bike builder
The President of a Motorcycle Club
An actor on all those old biker flicks
16. Do you support the soldiers of the US Military no matter what
17. The top piece of a motorcycle clubs back patch is referred to as
the trademark
the top patch
the logo
the top rocker
the topper
18. You got your last tattoo because
You wanted one becasue it make you fit the part
You were drunk one night and woke up with it
It has a symbolic meaning to you
It was a really cool design you found in the flash book at the tattoo parlor
I don't have any tattoos yet
I don't like tattoos
19. Chrome don't -
shine if it's dirty
get you home
cost too much with what you make
20. If you pulled up to a rough biker bar on your bike and parked to go inside, you would most likely -
be greeted by everyone since they know you by name
cause a silence as everyone tried to figure out if you had a death wish for riding that thing there.
get made fun of for your outfit and coffee shop accent
need to leave as fast as possible to avoid the flying beer bottles
You wouldn't go to such a place

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