Are you an old fart?

What is an old fart? It's a person who acts old! It's kind of a fun way to say that someone acts old. Old farts are not a problem at all! Old fart is a life style, and it's not much of a problem. It's only a problem if you don't want to be one. Otherwise, old farts are just normal!

So now, if you are wondering if you are an old fart, find out here with this awesome fun quiz. It is tons of fun! Come on and take this quiz! Please! I hope you take it, and love it!

Created by: Alissa
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What would you most likely say?
Best friends are forever
Popularity is all that counts
Go ahead, it's vacation
You can't always get what you want
4. If you are not a child in school, think back for this question! You're bored in class. What do you do?
Scribble in your notebook
Try to pay attention
Text message on your cell phone
Pass a note to your friend
5. Again, if you're not a child think back for this one! How often do you do your homework, if you have any? Don't worry, I won't tell!
Never, better things to do
Depends on if I will be able to get away with it
Always! Why? Doesn't everyone?
6. How do you prefer to communicate, other than face to face?
On instant message/email
mail out a letter
7. Again, think back to childhood if you aren't a child! Have you ever skipped school?
Why would anyone do that? School is good for you!
Yes! Do you think I'm a nerd? Everyone that is "popular" skips school!
Only once,
Yes I have, when I go on vacations, or I need a day off after a long stretch of going to school
8. Imagine you have a child. In the summer, when they have off from school, how much work would you make them do? ( Work only counts if the class your child is in wasn't assigned it _by the teacher of the class)
I buy my child a workbook which they must complete
I make them read at least 1 book
I suggest that they read or write to keep there brain going, but I won't make them
I don't make them do any work! duhhh! Who would?
9. What does the word "popular" mean to you?
Popular means you have a lot of friends
It means you have a lot of friends, you like hot girls/boys, you wear clothes that are in style, you don't listen to everything parents say, omg I can't mention it all
It doesn't matter. Everyone can have their own opinions
10. Do you believe in children using calculators to do math problems?
No! Children don't use their brains
Only for hard problems like turning fractions into decimals
What's a "calculator?"
Yes. It helps so much! No need for paper and pencil!
11. Imagine you own a school, and you can make any rule that you want and the children will follow it no matter what. Which of these rules would you be most likely to make?
Always do your homework for every class.
No use of computers, television, telephone/cell phone, radio, or other electronic things except for on weekends. (this includes at home)
Children must have physical education class every school day.
Who in the world would make a rule like that in the first place? All I know is that I wouldn't make any ridiculous rule like that
12. When you have spare time, what do you do?
Play outside
Go on computer
I am involved in to much volonteer things to have spare time
13. Do you like to go on internet?
no it makes your brain a vegetable
Yes I do
What is "internet?"
I don't own a computer
14. Imagine you had a child. Imagine that they got a bad grade in school. What would you do?
Spank them
Yell a tiny bit at them
Do nothing
Make them do a worksheet just like the one they got a bad grade on, but a little different
15. The opinion question! Do you think your an old fart?
I don't know! That's why I'm taking this quiz
16. Last question! Do you lie to people? Be honest!
All the time
Once in a while
I try not to
Only white lies

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