Are You an Individualist?

Most people believe they're individualists. They wear it as a badge of pride and honor; but for many, it means something quite different from what it is in reality. What is an individualist, and is true individualism really centered in the individual, or is it defined by what's good for a society as a whole, comprised of individuals?

Are you and individualist? Do you have the conviction of principle, or do you just try to get by? Take five minutes to answer these 22 questions, and be honest. Answer what you really thing, or the closest choice to what you really think, and see how it comes out. The results are sure to surprise you.

Created by: Richard Nikoley of Uncommon Sense
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Which way do you typically vote at election time?
I don't vote
4. Democrat public policy is BEST described as...?
Fighting for the little guy
Keeping big business in check
All of the above
Benefitting some at the expense of others
Socialism, if not outright communism
5. Republican public policy is BEST described as...?
Upholding traditional values
Advancing God, country, and family
Rewarding individual responsibility
All of the above
Benefitting some at the expense of others
Theocracy and fascism
6. The CHIEF problem with Libertarians is...?
They go to far
They're only interested in drugs and hookers
They falsely believe the free market can fix anything
All of the above
Their political action contradicts their stated or implied ethical and political principles
7. "Selfishness" is BEST characterized as...
An unfortunate tendency that social policy should be engineered to mittigate
A virtue
A natural attribute of man that renders all political power dangerous and threatening
Both 1 and 2
Both 3 and 4
8. Pure democracy, as a political institution, is...?
The ideal form of social organization
The worst form of social organization, except for all the others
Tyranny of the majority
Collectivist; places popular opinion ahead of individual ethics
Good; but needs to be held in check by a set of principles encoded into a constitution
Both 3 and 4
9. Homelessness and poverty are...?
Not a social problem
An individual problem, but not my problem
A social problem that must be addressed through public policy
Caused by capitalism and selfishness
The province of charities, churches, and helping hands
Both 1 and 2
10. Terrorism is best dealt with by...?
Killing terrorists
Killing terrorists and then molding their nations and cultures to produce less of them
Trying to understand their motivations
11. Illegal drugs and drug deals are...?
A scourge on society
A danger to my children that I should be aware of
A social problem requiring public action as guided by the medical profession
None of my business, except for my drugs and my drug deals, in which case it's none of yours
12. Sex for hire is...?
A private matter between consenting adults
A sin
The victimization and objectification of women
A danger to young girls that society has a responsibility to prevent
13. Public education is...?
A public good
Necessary, to ensure all children receive a minimum chance
A process by which the young are indoctrinated and molded to the specifications of the state
Deeply flawed; public policy must be amended to offer parents and students more choices
Both 1 and 2
14. Your motivations for helping someone in need are BEST described as...?
Obeying God's admonition
Goodwill toward men
Meeting my duty to give back to society
A desire to invest in someone or something I value
15. You are the victim of a terrible assault against you. Who has the right to redress?
Me, and me alone
The people
The state
Both 2 and 3
16. A cold-blooded murderer is caught, tried in court, found guilty by a jury and sentenced to death. You are vindicated, because...?
Justice is done
The murderer owes a debt to society
I'm not. I have nothing to do with it
The people are vindicated
The governement that prosecutes is the government of the people
17. A no-smoking section in a restaurant is...?
A matter of public health
Going too far; all public establishments should be made off limits for smoking
Entirely between the owner of the restaurant and his/her customers
18. The Constitution of the United States is best described as...?
A living document, subject to molding with the times
A social contract
A document that holds no original moral authority over anyone currently living
America's most important document
Both 2 and 4
19. Between the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, which is the most important document?
The Declaration of Independence
The U.S. Constitution
Equal Importance
The DoI is of utmost importance, while the Constitution is a tyrannical imposition with no authority
The DoI is irrelevant and not part of federal law. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land
20. Voting at election time is...?
A social duty
An unwarranted imposition on the rights of others
A cherished privilege
A moral right
21. Taxation is...?
In general, too high
In general, too low
Not progressive enough; the wealthy should pay more
A necessary evil
An inescapable law of nature, like death
22. How many individualists can you fit on the head of a pin?
Just one
As many as wish to try
Who owns the pin?

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