Are you an arcane adventures fan

R u a true arcane adventures fan or r u a loser that sucks at life. Fire light water lightning earth and darkness, these are the elements and u r a sucker unless u score a high score

So can u complete life and take this quiz and do stuff that r stuff with more stuff and magic stuff with unicorns at fart rainbows and more unicorns and magic

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  1. Who is stronger: a wasted pirate or a desert bandit? LOL
  2. Who is kraken. LOL
  3. Wat magic does Theos use? LOL
  4. How much levels do u need to complete the game? LOL
  5. What's the name of the bank guy? LOL
  6. What's the best ripoff u can get? LOL
  7. Can u wet ur pants in the game? LOL
  8. What's the fastest boat? LOL
  9. Can u get burned? LOL
  10. Sepehr is the best
  11. PLZ DAB, LOL
  12. Did u dab

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Quiz topic: Am I an arcane adventures fan