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  • I don't have a cell phone, but I'm getting one soon! I'm happy!

    Twigbranch Jan 30 '18, 1:27PM
  • How candoesust press summit not answer a thing and be 18%? Lol Anyway we think you should add to number 6 answers...Taking This quiz on phone. 70% was my score. Maybe I do use my phone for a lot, It does so much, why not?

    Kryptababe Jun 1 '14, 11:47PM
  • 0 perecnt because i dont have one and i cant get one yet but get iphone 5 not samsung galaxy s4

    united states Sep 18 '13, 11:06PM
  • YAY! 0%!!! Well, prob. 'cause i dont have 1....

    shadowgal123 May 27 '11, 8:19PM
  • 30%
    WAIT! Didn't you say you didn't add a "Did you like this quiz" question?

    Appayipyip42 Jan 28 '10, 9:05PM
  • 83% wow dude lol good quiz

    Arares Aug 16 '08, 3:01PM
  • I got 50%. Great quiz man and thank you!

    MasterKA Aug 16 '08, 12:04PM
  • 72%. heehee im gettin better. i used to be soo addicted.

    Puppy xo1 Aug 16 '08, 12:22AM
  • lol i got 66%...

    TheAwesomeness Aug 15 '08, 11:32PM
  • 83%. lol. i'm using it right now. that's how i took the quiz, on my phone :). good quiz.

    misskiss Aug 15 '08, 11:26PM
  • 76%!!! Cool quiz

    MissGorgeous Aug 15 '08, 11:10PM

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