Are You A Werewolf Or A Vampire?

There is a fine line between "Werewolves" and "Vampires". Werewolves are powerful and somewhat overly mean at points. Though Vampiers are Smart and Cool, they use their wits to get them out of tight areas.

Are YOU a "Werewolf" or a "Vampire"? Find out by taking this quiz. Everyone has a wild's time you find out which side your's comes from. Are you ready to find out if you are a "Hell Hound" or a "Devil Spawn"? Take the quiz and find out now.

Created by: Asia
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. The sun is down, the stars are out, the full moon hovers above outside, what do you do?
Did you say full moon? Oh no chain me up.
Go outside and run around...maybe scare some little kids.
I'm going outside but I'm staying in the shadows.
Stay inside, I might hurt someone.
Stay inside, I have better things to do.
Stay inside....I hear howling out there.
4. It's lunch time at school. You have a choice of: Rare Prime Rib Steak, A Health Smoothie, A Salad, P.B&J Sandwich, go out and hunt some thing down, or that person next to you.
STEAK!! I love MEAT!
Health smoothie thank you
A Salad. I'm watching my weight
P,B&J...just like momma used to make
I'm going hunting I can find some thing....FRESH out sidewalking around somewhere
That person looks good enough to eat
5. DO you like Day or Night better?
Night all the way. I feel wild then
Night. I eat more then
Day. So I can stay in control of myself
Day. What? I just like the day time
Day. I like staring into the sun. I think I'm going blind.
6. Choose one of these movies.
Blood And Chocolate
Lost Boys
American Werewolf In London
7. What are you? (your answer will not be showed to the public)
Straight! Whats wrong with you?!?!
8. Choose a book.
Vampire Academy
Blood And Chocolate
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Oz In To The Wild
Blood And Sex
Full Moon Rising
Night Fall Brings Out The Hunters
9. What do you want your eye color to be out of these colors?
Ice Blue
10. A hot (guy) OR (girl) walks by you. What did you notice first?
his/her face
his/her's bared
his/her scars....he/she is a rough one
(his big chest) OR (her smooth curves)
Oh someone went by me?
Hmmm, nothing really he/she just blends in with everyone else that went by me just now.
11. You are in a room with your (girl friend) Or (boy friend) all by yourselves. he/she wants you to do something that he/she will enjoy. You....
Bite his/her neck.
Kiss him/her then bite him/her sexualy.
Have sex. Screw all that other crap.
Give him/her a massage.
Whisper some thing really freaky in his/her ear.
I don't me.
12. You are late getting off from school. It's dark outside and you don't want to miss dinner, so you take a short cut. A big guy comes out from behind a corner. You turn around and another one is behind you. What do you do?
Dodge them.
Say "Bring it on then."
Bare you teeth and growl as a warning.
Run up the wall and jump over them.
Scream and hope that someone will run to help you.
Act street wise and pray that they don't beat you up for faking.
13. You are mad. How do you show it?
I'd pick up some thing and hit the nearest person to me.
Throw a cup and hit someone then run and hope they didn't see you.
Go sit down and cool off. I don't show my anger.
Beat the person that made you mad that night as pay back.
Kill the person that pissed you off right then and there then run from the police.
I've got friends who do that for me.

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