Are you a true Shimmer and Shine fan?

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Hi, genies-in-training! Its Shimmer. This is my third Shimmer and Shine quiz. So, please take it. If you dont know what Shimmer and Shine is, its a television series about twin genie sisters, Shimmer and Shine, who grant wishes for their human best friend, Leah. Its the best!

Anyway, this quiz will tell you if you're a true Shimmer and Shine fan, or not. Just answer a few questions about the series. Also, please take my other quizzes. They are What Shimmer and Shine character are you? and Name the Shimmer and Shine song. Now, take the quiz, and good luck, genies-in-training!

Created by: Shimmer_

  1. Do you like Shimmer and Shine?
  2. How many seasons are there currently out?(February, 2018)
  3. What kind of monkey is Tala?
  4. Which of the twins is the one minute older one?
  5. Who is Shimmers voice?
  6. Who is Shines voice?
  7. What is Shimmers dream?
  8. What is the first Shimmer and Shine episode ever?
  9. Which of these was NOT one of the ingredients used to make Leahs genie bottle necklace?
  10. What is Leahs favorite color?
  11. What is Nila?
  12. Which genie really likes glitter?
  13. What is Shines personality?
  14. What is Shines favorite animal?
  15. What is the name of Zacs genie?
  16. What is Zetas dream?
  17. What is the first genie gem the twins got?
  18. What is the name of the land beyond the waterfall?
  19. What kind of genie is Layla?
  20. Does Shine like cleaning?
  21. Which of these is NOT one of Shines catchphrases?
  22. Nazboo, Razboo, Kazboo, and _____.
  23. The next five questions are name the song.
  24. A scoop full of sweetness, a delight thats so divine, add a little frosting, and a flowery design
  25. Were dancing all together now, leaping high up off the ground, take a curtsy and a bow, on Swan Lake
  26. Its captivating, this magical transformation, our colors are shining bright, yeah extra bright
  27. You got, I got, weve got the move, a brand new combination, rocking out in our magic shoes, were gonna make a new creation
  28. Shake shake shake! Were gonna save Zahramay falls, Boom boom boom! Come one, and come all
  29. In which episode did Zeta become very powerful?
  30. What is the name of Kazs Ziffilon?

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