are you a true harry potters fan?

there are many good harry potter fans out there..but are there really? come check in and see if you have truly dedicated yourself to harry potter. in other word, are you a true fan?

are you a harry potter fan? are you sure? well let's see how much you know anyways just n case alright? take this simple quiz about harry potter. it's pretty short too. just to determine if you are a true fan or not.

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  1. have you read any harry potter books?
  2. are you in a harry potter fandom?
  3. if you are a true harry potters fan, you can answer this....what teacher who seemed mean at first, was a big surprise, and one of lily potters loves?
  4. do you solemnly swear you are up to no good? (fred and george weasley)
  5. how many books are there in the series? how many movies are there?
  6. who married hermione?
  7. who was the half blood prince?
  8. who was harry potter's godfather?
  9. what house is harry potter placed in?
  10. do you agree that harry potter is so great!!

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Quiz topic: Am I a true harry potters fan?