Are you a real Texan

and I have the best friends and family I have to say about my daughter and sister I have to y I am not really that good at all the way I do but not for sure but it's just a matter that we are going through a life that has no reason why we don't like this too so

I am so happy for daughter and sister and my daughter and my cousin and sister of daughter who had the same daughter as my friends and family tree so we were married with daughter sister daughter who was born to daughter daughter of a mother and sister who died and

Created by: Katie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like chilli
  2. Can everything be deep fried
  3. Do you wave at a person when they let you in the lane
  4. Is steak good
  5. Is breakfast tacos a thing
  6. What's a speed limit
  7. Are boots formal
  8. Do you like spicy foods
  9. What is hot weather do you
  10. How do you greet somebody

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Quiz topic: Am I a real Texan