Are you a nice guy?: male lover version.

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Kiara_Mate said:
Nov 22 '15, 2:44AM

I'm a girl. o_o ^o^ (^_^) REBELLLLLLLLLLL!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

Deeznutz101 said:
Oct 20 '15, 8:31PM

o mi god. this quiz made me so confused when i got my results

batman12506 said:
Mar 23 '15, 1:51PM

Damn, I made my gay best friend take this and he got a higher score than I did, and I'm a girl.

43927 said:
Dec 30 '14, 3:31AM

found out the love of life re-post thing is spam trust me is just advertising for there site so people would recognize them i did the whole thing its also a good way of getting a virus DON'T DO IT

Gamerboy1971 said:
Oct 4 '14, 9:56PM

All these quizzes make me depressed. I might consider suicide now. FR

Stormram said:
May 8 '14, 2:25AM

Hey guys and girls
i got just 60 % :D

Mbyamaha said:
Oct 16 '13, 3:54AM

82%, pretty good but some weren't true because they didn't have my answer to the question. I loved a girl before and I was stupid and didn't say anything. Then I met a girl who I got the same feeling as I did with her, but she denied. I'm horrible with love. Every girl I don't like likes me, but the ones I like don't.

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