Are You A Heroes Expert?

This quiz determines how well you know the American TV Show, Heroes!! As we all know, Heroes is one of the best TV shows ever, so see how well you know about it!! No need to fear your result, this is the all friendly quiz!!!

Are YOU a Heroes Genius? As we all know, EVERYONE should be one because Heroes is the best ever!! Is your Heroes Knowledge a failure? Is your Heroes Knowledge below average? Is your Heroes Knowledge just about average? Is your Heroes Knowledge just above average? Is your Heroes Knowledge very good Or.... last but not least.... Is your Heroes Knowledge FANTASTIC??? Well.... what you waiting for?? Go on and see your results!!!! =D

Created by: XoAilsaOx
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1. Who are Claire Bennet's biological parents names?
Gabriel Gray & Maya Herrera
Sandra & Noah Bennet
Peter Petrelli & Elle Bishop
Meredith Gordon & Nathan Petrelli
2. What happened to Peter Petrelli at the end of season 1?
His head exploded
He blew up in the sky
He killed himself
Sylar killed him
Claire killed him
We don't know
3. Niki Sanders is one of three triplets. What are the names of her sisters?
Maya & Jessica
Elle & Claire
Tracy & Barbara
Simone & Caitlin
4. In Season 1's "Company Man," who shot Claire?
Noah Bennet
Ted Sprague
Matt Parkman
Elle Bishop
5. What was the name of the quarterback that attacked Claire?
6. In Season 1's, "Five Years Gone," what colour of hair does Claire have?
7. What happened to Niki at the end of Season 2?
She went to prison
Her son died
She died in a fire
She got an afro
She was rescuing Micah
8. What's the name of the virus that makes the heroes lose their abilities?
The Abraham Virus
The Shanti Virus
The Mohinder Virus
The Jefferson Virus
9. What's the name of Mohinder Suresh's father?
10. What was Peter's Irish girlfriend's name?
Eoghan Quigg
11. What happened to her? (from previous question)
Her brother killed her
She got stuck in the future
We will never know
The (?????) Virus killed her right infront of Peter's eyes
12. Who did Nathan have a one night stand with in Las Vegas?
13. What is the name of Hiro Nakamura's father?
Kaito Nakamura
Ando Nakamura
Hiro Nakamura Snr.
Masi Nakamura
14. In Season 1, what was Matt's wife called?
15. What is the name of Maya Herrera's twin brother?
Alejandro Herrera
Raoul Herrera
Carlos Herrera
Juan Herrera
16. What is Takezo Kensei's real name?
Sheldon Jefferson
Bob Abraham
Duncan Fairley
Adam Monroe
17. What does West think Claire is in Season 2's "Lizards"?
Half Human - Half Monkey
Half Human - Half Alien
Half Human - Half Lizard
Half Human - Half Vampire
Just Human
A Robot
18. In season 2, what was supposed to be in the container that Peter was found in?
MP3 Players
DVD Players
Class C Drugs
19. What is the name of Elle Bishop's father?
Bob Bishop
Jim Bishop
Jack Bishop
John Bishop
Adam Bishop
20. Who all did Sylar lock in Primatech to prove that he is not the only monster among them?
Angela, Arthur, Peter & Nathan
Claire, Noah, Meredith & Angela
Angela, Nathan, Peter & Claire
Matt, Tracy, Peter & Daphne
Mohinder & Maya
21. Who died in the Primatech fire?
22. Who tried to kill themself, in Season 3 by jumping off a bridge?
Peter Petrelli
Niki Sanders
Tracy Strauss
Daphne Milbrook
No one
23. If the (??????) Virus got released in Season 2, what percentage of the world's population would die?
24. What element was needed in Season 3 to complete the Formula?
Rabbits Tails
Frog Spit
A Magical Wish
Blood of Hiro
The Catalyst
25. In Season 3, where did Peter inject the Formula into himself to save Nathan?
His Heart
His Leg
His Neck
His Wrist
26. In Season 1, who said this line? "You saved the cheerleader, so we could save the world"
Nathan Petrelli
Mohinder Suresh
Matt Parkman
Niki Sanders
27. In Season 2, who said this line? "Stings like a b----, doesn't it?"
Elle Bishop
Adam Monroe
HRG/ Noah Bennet
West Rosen
28. In Season 3, who said this line? "Haven't you heard? I'm the defence player of the year"
Elle Bishop
Claire Bennet
Peter Petrelli
Tracy Strauss
29. Who needs God when you've got her? Who am I talking about?
Maria Petrelli
Jessica Sanders
Ishi Nakamura
Maya Herrera
30. What did Sylar pretend to be, in Season 1 to get into the Bennet home?
Mail Man
Delivery Man
A Friend Of Noah
Claire's Boyfriend
A Neighbour
31. In Season 3, who took away Peter's abilities?
Matt Parkman
Gabriel Gray/Sylar
Arthur Petrelli
Nathan Petrelli
Claire Bennet
32. Who shot Claire during the Eclipse, in Season 3?
Gabriel Gray/Sylar
Elle Bishop
Noah Bennet
Arthur Petrelli
Maury Parkman
33. Who threw Matt Parkman out of a window?
The Hunter
Peter Petrelli
Bob Bishop
Niki/Jessica Sanders
Mohinder Suresh
34. Who did Takezo Kensei (aka ???? ??????) need to get into where the Shanti Virus is kept?
Nathan Petrelli
Claire Bennet
Gabriel Gray/Sylar
Peter Petrelli
Matt Parkman
35. Who has a hell of a Cold Snap?
Claire Bennet
Niki/Jessica Sanders
Gabriel Gray/Sylar
Tracy Strauss
Peter Petrelli
36. Who got shot in the right arm?
Claire Bennet
Elle Bishop
Noah Bennet
Gabriel Gray/Sylar
Matt Parkman
37. Where was Mohinder's father killed?
In A Train
In A Taxi
In A Bus
At Home
In A Shop
38. In Season 1, who did Niki owe money to?
Her Dad
Matt Parkman
Nathan Petrelli
Noah Bennet/HRG
39. How did Claire stop the quarterback from his sick ways?
She Killed Him
She Drove His Car Into A Wall
She Put Him In Prison
She Punched Him
She Threatened Him
40. In Season 1, what did Hiro do to prove to Ando that he can bend Time and Space?
He Stopped Time
He Teleported To New York
He Teleported Into The Ladies Toilets
He Travelled To The Future
He Ate A Fish
41. In Season 3, what does a drunk Nathan confess to Claire?
That He Hated Her
That He Is Gay
That He Hates Peter
That He Gave Her A Pass Because He Thought He Could Win Her Over
That There Are Soldiers Outside Waiting For Her To Go To Sleep So That They Can Catch Her
42. What is The Hunter's real name?
Emile Danko
Ethan Richardson
Noah Iodighne
Charlie Rumphson
43. Who let all of the villians out of Level 5?
Nathan Petrelli
Peter Petrelli
Elle Bishop
Angela Petrelli
Bob Bishop
44. Who wants to destroy Noah Bennet?
Claire Bennet
The Hunter & Sylar
Sandra Bennet
Nathan Petrelli And Peter Petrelli
Arthur Petrelli And Maury Parkman
45. Who killed some men in their garage?
Tracy Strauss
Niki/Jessica Sanders
Gabriel Gray/Sylar
Maury Parkman
Ted Sprague
46. What happened when Claire cut off her baby toe?
Sylar Saw Her And Took Her Ability
West Saw Her And Flew Away Before She Could Explain
Sandra Saw Her And Had A Heart Attack
Her Toe Didn't Grow Back
She Died Of Blood Loss
47. In Season 3, who stabbed Sylar in the heart?
Niki/Jessica Sanders
Noah Bennet
Elle Bishop
Claire Bennet
Angela Petrelli
Peter Petrelli
48. Who stole half of the Formula from Hiro & Ando?
Tracy Strauss
Daphne Milbrook
Maury Parkman
No One

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