Are You A Christian? (And How Solid Are You)

This is a quiz that tests if you are a Christian. When I say Christian I mean born again. I know that some of the plushies here would come out offended, so I hope that you are wearing those cushions under you.

I am really out of words here so I would just try to ease your offense. God Loves you. He sent himself as Jesus to get born, to grow up, and to die the most painful death whilst refusing any form of pain relief.

Created by: Quizpreacher

  1. Who Is Jesus To You?
  2. How many wise men visited Jesus?
  3. I tell you that you are a sinner, How will you react? Answer this question honestly big boy/girl.
  4. How did Jesus look like?
  5. If someone said that being gay is wrong, how would you react?
  6. Catholics.
  7. If God told you to say something in the Bible that was quite unpopular, and told you to preach it, would you?
  8. Who is first?
  9. Do you love God?
  10. This is my last question: Are you religious?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Christian? (And How Solid am I)