Are u a true twilighter

There are many smart people, but few true geniuses. Genius is, afterall... stuff. Well monkey equals banana and banana equals me. Who is the banana it is you I see

My love leave yourself behind, leave inside me. Leave you blind my love. Give yourself to me you were searching for relife! Bella Edward Renesmee Jacob

Created by: VampirePanda55

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  1. Who is the author of the Twilight saga
  2. Who plays Bella Swan
  3. Who plays Edward Cullen
  4. Who plays Renesmee Cullen
  5. Another actor quiz Who plays Jacob Black
  6. Where did Bella and Edward get married
  7. What book does Bella turn
  8. What is the order of when each cullen turn
  9. Edward proposes in what movie
  10. Renesmee catches Snowflakes in what movie
  11. Jacob imprints on who
  12. What year was Edward born
  13. Who are all of Bella's hunters (enemies) deaths in order Including Aro, in Alice vision
  14. Who are all of Bella's hunters (enemies) deaths in order Including Aro, in Alice vision
  15. Why did Jacob say he was sick, and couldn't be around Bella
  16. How many books are there
  17. How many movies
  18. What did Esme bring into the world
  19. Where did the name Renesmee come from
  20. What is the full name of Bella and Edwards child
  21. Laurent's mate was who
  22. Who can cause unbearable pain by saying "pain"

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