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  • Beta. Cool quiz.

    Stardust1 Jun 16 '17, 12:51PM
  • Alpha. The quiz could user one or two more questions butreally good!

    BCJfan Jun 28 '16, 9:24PM
  • Vipul, social hierarchy almost always depends on the pack that you're in. A majority of packs are Alpha-run with Betas being second in command, but there are Omega-dominated packs, albeit they are rare. Not all Omegas are completely submissive, but they usually do have a tendency to be mediators and they like to avoid conflict.

    NeriaOleander Jun 3 '16, 9:31PM
  • I am Omega ,I know.I read many articles,seen many videos on the socil hierarchy . Only thing I am unable to understand is that some says Omegas as equivalent as Alphas (just with a different swagger) WHILE ,Some says They are Complete Loosers .Can you Help me ? Or are there two kinds of Omegas ?? --vipul

    Vipul Feb 28 '16, 4:54AM
  • not a bad test

    sivermoon Oct 2 '15, 3:07PM
  • all tough ppl like my bro or sis dont wannt lissen i about to make them i told thme to stay of my bad side

    sivermoon Oct 2 '15, 3:06PM
  • omg i a 100 persent alpha

    sivermoon Oct 2 '15, 3:04PM

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