"What Type of Attitude do I Have?"

A lot of the times we have people looking at us in different ways and we wonder, what kind of attitude do i have? Well, here is a quiz that can tell you. The results may not be accurate but you are most likely the answer this quiz gives you.

This quiz will tell you what you are and how people from the outside world view you. Take this quiz and figure out how people see you!! Hope you like this quiz journey i am about to take you through. Enjoy people!!

Created by: Cristal Nelson
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3. 1. What do you do if you are sitting alone and you see someone else sitting alone that could be a possible person to talk to?
you look at them walk over to them and start a conversation with them
look at them and wish they would come over and talk to you
hope they don't even look in your direction
go over and compliment their outfit in a sarcastic way meanly
fiddle with your cellphone and roll your eyes at them
4. What do you do if you find someone crying and there is a crowd laughing around that person?
sit in the background, not laugh and feel for them
laugh with the crowd not really meaning it
go up to them in front of the crowd and comfort them
5. What do you do if you acidentally trip over your own shoelace in front of everyone and everyone laughs?
get up and keep on walking wanting to cry in the inside
laugh along with everyone but faking
get up look around you and tell everyone "I don't think it's that funny."
get up and shout BAD words to everyone and skip away oh so jolly
6. What do you do when a cute guy you have liked for a long time (who is popular)finally asks you out?
shout YEAH and get so happy you acidentally kill him before you go out with him
say UGH!NO WAY! and walk away
blush so hard blood comes out your cheeks and you are speechless
say YES and give him a great big hug
say AWW!! I WILL TOTALLY GO OUT WITH YOU and be so happy
say YES and give him a speech on how honored you are to be his girlfriend
7. What do you do if a kid bumps into you and doesn't excuse theirself?
push them,punch them and say 'GET OUT MY WAY DUMMY!'
let them pass by
say 'Can you please remember to say excuse me next time, thank you?'
say hi to them and start a conversation with them
8. What do you do when you have to present a class project to the class?
present it and stutter the whole time
present it nicely
present it with a little bit of your personality
9. What do you do when someone calls you a name directly to your face?
put them in head lock and say WHAT YOU SAY YOU DON'T KNOW WHO YOU DEALING WITH
put your head down and act like you didn't hear them
try to compromise
say NO DESERVES TO BE CALLED THAT and smile not caring what they think
10. What do you do if your mom comes to eat lunch with you and embarasses you in front of the whole school?
sit quietly and mutter stuff under your breath
laugh with your mom and have fun and not care
have fun with your mom then when she is gone walk away smiling although you have kids laughing at you
11. What do you do if your pants fall down in front of a crowd of people?
pull them up fast and nervous
shake your booty then pull them up
curse everyone out for no reason
12. What do you do if you lose your diary and everyone reads what you wrote in it and starts making fun of you?
stay quiet about it and pretend nothing is going on
curse everyone out
cry about it
smile and except the fact everyone knows your secrets
give everyone a speech about your journal and why they shouldn't make fun of it
13. What do you do if there is a little boy that looks hungry and you have a small lunch with you?
give him some of your food
eat your lunch and make faces at him scaring him
eat your lunch and look at him with pity
share your food and talk to the little boy
laugh in his face and eat the food in a delicious way

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