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Pinky_the_beauty said:
Jul 14 '15, 11:52PM

I got silver and red wolf in the last aminology quiz and i got MOUSE this time. How could this possibly happened.. Grrrrr :-q. C m punk you suck

rave said:
Jul 12 '14, 5:18PM

i got the freaking money

Goldensgirl101 said:
Nov 16 '11, 10:02AM

CM Punk SUCKS!!!
I got:
Your Result: Dog
Congragulations! You are a dog! You are compadable with other dogs and sheep. See what your friends ( or crush ) about this quiz and see if you are compadable!

I have three dogs. Close second is Mouse and I have a rat as well... :-P

629004 said:
Nov 3 '11, 5:58PM

im a dog i hate dogs alot exept rottwielers

invisibleme said:
Apr 19 '11, 4:39PM

Im a dog! I got silver and red wolf on one animology quiz and golden fox on another. Zip it CM Punk

DayDreamAngel said:
Nov 25 '10, 4:24AM

i also got silver and red wolf in the last animology quiz!!! and i got dog this time

V1997 said:
Aug 19 '10, 10:32AM

yeah i got a silver and red wolf on that 1 too. I'm a dog on this one. CM Punk, you shut up. I have 2 dogs and I love them to death!

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